Glenwood is located at the foot of Mt Adams,  in the scenic                     
Glenwood Valley/Camas Prairie  of Klickitat County. 
Note.....Mt. Adams  is NOT in Klickitat County.

PHOTO BY DARLISA [email protected] Starlisa.net


Our Volunteer Fire Department is always there for us.  
They need more volunteers.  Help out if you can, by becoming a volunteer on the Glenwood Fire Department.  
When I was a little girl, my town had a volunteer fire department.  I remember being in the grocery store with my mom.  The fire siren went off, and the grocery clerk,  who was also the owner of the store ran out the door, wearing his white apron, and jumped on the fire truck as it went down the street.
Now days,  that town is a big sophisticated town, with a paid fire department.  
But Glenwood still depends on the local community to volunteer. 

The Glenwood General Store put this on their Facebook Page:

"Behold, the new location for the Glenwood General Store Burger Shed. We are busy cleaning and repairing this little historic piece of Glenwood. Cheers."

I featured this little building a few weeks ago down below in the history section.  The original, was built as Bleiler's Garage.  When we came in 1970, Wilma and Bill Mann owned it.  I remember Fiander and Henderson using it as their logging shop.  Any other memories of who owned it?

Acorn woodpecker 
Since an acorn woodpecker was first spotted in the oak groves at Fort Simcoe State Park near White Swan in mid-January, many birders have observed this beautiful and distinctive bird. It was still present in early March. It’s a rare species in Washington; its only known breeding site in this state is near Lyle in Klickitat County.


It's mostly cloudy out there this morning, but we should see more sun later today. Temps will be in the low 40's early and low 50's later. Light west wind early goes to strong west wind in the afternoon. 10% chance of rainbows. Sunday starts out with low clouds and turns partly cloudy later. There will likely be frost above 1000'. Temps will be in the mid 30's early and low 50's in the afternoon. Light west wind. No rainbows. Monday looks partly cloudy. Temps will be in the mid 30's early and upper 50's in the afternoon. Light west wind. No rainbows.

Weather Meteorologist Cliff Mass has a good blog about "Dramatic Headlines, when it comes to climate.

Is the Western U.S. Snowpack Declining "Dramatically"?




Southwest WA Roads

NWS Pendleton



Click on the link at the bottom of the map and this map will open up on its own page.  Lots of fun to play around with.


Mrs. Hansen  1st & 2nd Grade  1931-32

This is a photo of Mrs. Neola Hansen's class.  There are no names on the photo.  If you can add some names please make a comment at
Glenwood History Photos.

The winter of 1889-1890 was a rough one.  Cattlemen and sheepmen lost a lot of livestock.  A lot of winter ranging horses died.  
I have been reading through old issues of  The Dalles Times-Mountaineer.  This clip was from the March 15, 1890 issue.  It is hard to believe that our Camas Prairie had hay to spare.  
Did someone haul loads of loose hay over the top to Lyle? 
Fire wood was in short supply and it mentions that there is no wood to be found on the beaches.  


Glenwood is a small farming, ranching and logging community located in the Glenwood Valley on the southeast side of Mt Adams.  In early days, the valley was called Camas Prairie, for the wild Camas plant that grows in the lake bottom and  was harvested by Native Americans. Sometimes it creates a field of blue that from a distance appears like water.      "Lake bottom" is what the locals refer to as the part of the valley that floods in the spring with snow melt.  It forms a large lake which eventually drains down the canal into the Mill Pond, then Outlet Creek and over Outlet Falls to the Klickitat River.
In the spring, the "lake bottom" turns purple with blooming Camas.  During the summer, the "lake bottom" becomes a grassy valley used by ranchers for hay and  home to ducks, geese, Sand hill cranes, swans,  elk, frogs, deer and any of us that want to gaze upon its beauty and diversity, although access to the "lake bottom" is limited since more than 6500 acres is owned by the Federal Government.   

Peter Conboy was one of the first to establish a homestead in the valley  and the Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge carries the family name.  But don't bring your boat expecting to find a lake to play in.  

The 1917 Washington Historical Quarterly of place names says:
   CAMAS PRAIRIE,  in Klickitat County north of Fulda and west of Conboy Lake.  On August 12, 1853, the railroad surveyors in command of Captain (later General)  George B. McClellan camped on the prairie and called it Tahk Prairie.  The United States land office map of 1897 shows the name Camas Prairie. 
 A common question we hear is..."Where's Glenwood?"  In fact...the Glenwood General Store sells T shirts that say,  "Where in the hell is Glenwood?"
The easiest answer is, "Go one hour east of Portland,  to Hood River.  Cross the Columbia River into Klickitat County Washington and we are  40 minutes north of White Salmon.  Trout Lake is to our west, Goldendale to the east and The Yakama Indian Reservation to the north. We are between the White Salmon and Klickitat River drainages.

If you have any questions about the Glenwood area send a message and I will try to find a knowledgeable person to answer them.
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