Glenwood is located at the foot of Mt Adams,  in the scenic                     
Glenwood Valley/Camas Prairie  of Klickitat County. 
Note.....Mt. Adams  is NOT in Klickitat County.

PHOTO BY DARLISA [email protected] Starlisa.net

January 2016:
The Yakama Tribe plans to close their entire Mt. Adams Recreation Area this year due to fire damage.
Basically it is the east half of Mount Adams and the Mount Adams Wilderness. It would include Bird Creek Meadows, Bench Lake, Mirror Lake, Birdlake.
$3897.73 was raised with the combined community  fundraisers and donations for the Wyatt family.
It sounds like little Maximo continues to improve.  Here is the latest update.

GoFundMe  Super Maximo

The Max Campaign

Tuesday night August 25 meeting

Yes, the big scary column of smoke is a planned burnout.  But even one of the main speakers, said it made his heart race when he drove into the valley this afternoon.  

The onsite meteorologist said there is a low off of the coast.  As it moves inland, the mountain will get winds up to 25 mph, but it should be cooler and by Friday night, we should get some rain. 

The resources for this fire have been stretched thinly, because they are so badly needed in other areas of the PNW.  They feel they have achieved their  main object of protecting the communities of Glenwood and Trout Lake. 

There are some slash piles on the TL side that the fire will probably move into and produce more smoke.

There will probably not be the mop up crews like we usually see at the end of a fire

Thousands of homes in the Okanogan are still threatened as the fires merge together and resources are needed there.


We have had the special help of the National Guard Helicopters to protect the south and west line.

The north side of the fire is in rugged terrain with a lot of bug kill and they have to be careful of sending fire crews in where there is not easy in/out access for them.  They have a planned burnout somewhere along the Potato Hill Rd and that is going to produce a lot of smoke.

The signs and stamped post card have been very much appreciated.  Incident Commander Dave Leitch said he is not normally a fan of snow, but he sent a post card of snow covered Mt Adams (that is probably yours Darlisa Black)   to his wife and said,  "I wish it would snow."

It sounds like this crew will rotate out on Sunday.  

Klickitat County Commissioner Dave Sauter came to the meeting just to show his support.  As some of  you will remember, his family lost their home 16 years ago to a fire.  

Jeff King and the County reverse 911 system were acknowledged.  Not many Washington counties have this system yet. 

I must say, many of the speakers tonight, looked very, very tired.   And, while we were sleeping comfortably in our beds last night, there were crews out there,  putting out spot fires.  

I came home with some outdated but free maps.  I love maps.