Glenwood is located at the foot of Mt Adams,  in the scenic                     
Glenwood Valley/Camas Prairie  of Klickitat County. 
Note.....Mt. Adams  is NOT in Klickitat County.


Pacific NW Weather History

1.  The Duck Hunters
The Winter of 1968-69:  I remember when the duck hunters had left Rooster Rock State Park for a duck hunting trip to an island in the Columbia River.  It was during a stormy time at the end of December 1968. I remember the men talking about different ways they could try to get to them. 
From the Oregonian Newspaper:   You will have to enlarge so you can read the articles.  The rescue was quite dramatic.

A 1966 interview of North Bonneville lumberman Verne Carpenter. 

In 1916 Carpenter decided to move up river and embarked with his team onThe Dalles City steamboat. He was unloaded at Moffett's Landing, which he described as “a sandbank” where Bonneville Dam is now situated, below a big fishwheel.  North Bonneville hadn’t come into existence yet. The old name for the community was Cascades, but the post office carried various
labels over the years. The name was changed to Moffet Springs in 1908 but the post office was discontinued in 1910. 
When Carpenter arrived the only building at North Bonneville was owned by John Moman Stevenson, but he had moved to the town of Stevenson. In 1917 a Wacomac Post Office was established at the Western Pacific mill....
People didn’t move into the area much until about 1921, Carpenter said....


US 830 was an original 1926 route, and it lasted until 1968. It was entirely in Washington, running along the north bank of the Columbia River, connecting US 97 to US 101 near Naselle. -

Early Developer of Bridge of the Gods and today's Hwy 14